Start investing in FGN Bonds
and Treasury Bills with ease

Conveniently invest in FGN Bonds and Treasury
Bills directly from your mobile and desktop

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The Platform

TradeFi enables individuals invest in Federal Government of
Nigeria Bonds (FGN) and Treasury Bills directly from their
phone, laptop or tablet.

TradeFi affords investors the opportunity of understanding
what fixed income securities are, as well as enabling them take
advantage of the asset class to grow their wealth.

Leveraging on technology, Comercio Partners Asset
Management, through TradeFi, provides the investor the
opportunity to exploit the benefits of the fixed income market
with risk averse investment options with higher return than inflation.

Investors have the free will to decide their investment horizon from
a range of two weeks (14 days) to 20 years on the platform based on their investment goals.

It is instructive to note that the platform allows investors to terminate their investments at anytime during the life of the investment


Our easy to use platform educates you on the basics of
the fixed income market.

To make you a savvy investor, our easy to use platform
educates you on the basics of the fixed income market.


Start off with virtual cash to understand the dynamics of
investing in the fixed income market with our trade and investing simulator module.

TradeFi’s simulation provides an opportunity to learn about
basic investment concepts and build confidence to trust
that your money is safe and you can rest easy knowing
your money is working for you.


Start investing with N100,000 to earn interest from 5 - 12.40%.
TradeFi lets you invest in your idle cash in Federal
Government Bonds and Nigerian Treasury bills with
competitive returns based on the prevailing market rate at
the time of your purchase.

There is no time like the present to start investing. Begin with N100,000 and let your money work as hard as you. TradeFi lets you invest in FGN Bonds and Nigerian Treasury Bills at competitive rates at the time of your purchase.

Reasons to Invest in Fixed Income Securities:


Federal Government (FGN) bonds and treasury bills
are 100% safe with fixed returns.


Income earned from these instruments are tax
exempt, steady and competitive.

Financial Freedom

FGN bonds and treasury bills are good for savings
towards retirement, marriage, school fees, house
projects, holidays etc. which enable the investor gain
financial freedom.

TradeFi is a desktop and mobile application for users to learn about the fixed income market, practice how to invest and finally engage in investing and trading fixed income instruments. The securities TradeFi lets you invest in are Federal Government Bonds and Nigerian Treasury Bills.
TradeFi is endorsed by FMDQ, a registered OTC Securities Exchange and Self-Regulatory organization. TradeFi is a product of Comercio Partners Asset Management (CPAM) which licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and regulated by FMDQ OTC Securities Exchange to operate as Investment Advisers, Portfolio and Asset Managers.
You can access the platform on your mobile devices through the play store for android and the iOS store or apple devices. You can simply visit for the desktop version
Anyone with access to an internet connection and a computer, as well as an iOS or Android device can download and use our apps. The app is free to download.
All buy or sale transactions take two business days to settle and for you to receive value.
Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. All withdrawals made outside business hours would be processed the following business day.
No, you can only invest in Nigerian Fixed income securities on TradeFi.
As long as your account is sufficiently funded, you can trade on as many securities as you wish.
The platform is available 24/7, but you can start investing between the hours of 10.00 am and 2.00 pm on working days. You will not be able to invest on this platform on public holidays. However, you will have access to your account at any time.
No, you will not be paying any taxes on the money you make within this platform as fixed income instruments are tax free.
Transaction fees will be charged on investment executed on this platform in real time.

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