The Dream

To be a unique investment bank in
Africa committed to financial
products trading and value

About Comercio Partners

Comercio Partners, is a limited-liability company with core business in trading fixed income
securities and equities as well as providing financial advisory and assets management
services to domestic and international investors in the Sub-Saharan African Capital Market.
From the financial markets to real estate, we aim to build an investment ecosystem of choice
with the strategic intent of empowering minds in Africa while creating and delivering
professionally, superior value across all asset classes to all our stakeholders


We trade principal funds and execute mandates on behalf of our
clients on various financial market products.
At Comercio Partners, we take into consideration your specific
needs and execute your transactions based on our professional
knowledge of the global markets. We analyse the economic
environment and investment climate, with a focus on the region
involved and the timing of the investment, before making our
recommendations. Our interest rate forecasts and our assessment
of the Fixed Income markets are based on the analysis of
fundamental factors and many years of market experience.


Asset Management

We offer asset management services including attractive investment
and switch proposals by investing third party funds into different asset
classes across Africa, to ensure good returns for our clients, in the
corporate and retail sectors. There will be different portfolios to cater for
the risk appetite of our diverse client base.

Principal Management

We nurture strategic intent to incubate and provide growth capital for
start-ups, greenfield projects and innovative ideas that provide unique
products and solutions with favourable fundamental characteristics.


We provide top-class financial advisory services to clients with
expert advice and insight into the Equity Capital Market (ECM) and
Debt Capital Market (DCM). We also provide advice on Structured
Finance, Leveraged Buy Outs, M & A, Growth Capital and Project

Real Estate Advisory

We provide expert Real Estate Advisory Services to our

Connecting clients to key stakeholders across the value
chain by leveraging our industry relationships for clients
and key anchor tenants

Portfolio Management

Provide clients with leading risk mitigation services.

Property Management strategies.

Development and Construction

Full capabilities for undertaking complex construction

Strong Sales & Marketing support relationships for
developed projects.

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